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Thursday, September 29, 2016

LDS Cannery Home Food Storage Haul + Food Storage Tips...

Morning friends!! Yesterday we ventured out to our local LDS Home Food Storage Center. This is a church run facility, but it is open to both members and non members of the Mormon faith. I went with a list of items to stock up on. I was able snag about 10  #10 cans for $55. These items have a 30 year shelf life. I love having long term food storage items in our pantry. We rotate them, by only purchasing items we know we like.

Today we stocked up on instant potato flakes, dried minced onions, and macaroni. We're trying out a fruit drink mix and refried beans. I'm hoping we like them, so we can add them to our pantry staple list. Below is the cost break down. 

instant potato flakes $5.00 x4
dried minced onions $9.00 x2
macaroni  $2.75 x3
refried beans $5.75
fruit punch mix $3.25

Total- $55.25

I try to go every few months. We stock up when we go, so we can spread our trips out. All of our money spent on food storage comes from a separate category of our budget. We invest in food storage each month. We allocate money each month for food storage. We don't always need it though. When it's not used, it rolls over to the next month. Putting money aside for food storage allows us to have money for stocking up when case lot sales happen or we go to the Home Storage Center.

I made a quick video of my simple haul for you guys. Enjoy!

XO Danielle


  1. How do you store the remainder of the contents once the can is opened? Do you vacuum seal?

  2. Thanks for another great post!! You have such great ideas! Our family just bought a deep freezer and I'm doing my first once a month grocery trip to see how it works for us! How do you store your canned goods once you open your #10 cans?


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