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Monday, September 12, 2016

Math is hard and an epic mom fail...

I need to take a minute and shout it from the roof tops that math is hard. It was never a subject I enjoyed in school. In fact I may have hated it ::I say in a whisper::

But here I am homeschooling and math is an important part of our curriculum. It has to be taught. I try really hard to keep it simple and non stressful. I want my kids to understand it and to enjoy it. I never want my "experience" with math or my "feelings" towards math to shape their opinion of I try to keep it light.

Today though was hard. We're using Interactive Notebooks for math from Carson-dellusa. This year we're starting with grade 5 and will end with grade 6. Today's lesson was on exponents. I started the lesson, but 5 minutes in I realized I was explaining it all wrong. Gaw! It was a total mom fail. 

I had to explain to the kids I had steered us in the wrong direction. We decided to take a break, while I fed Tallia. We watched an episode of Once Upon a Time and then got back at it.

I found an exponent calculator online to check our work. We started the lesson over, with Mom now remembering the correct way to solve exponents.

And guess what? We figured it out. We worked hard and started getting the answers right. It felt good to see it click.

On a side note: 
How cute is that baby above?
 Throughout our math lesson time, she laid on my lap. 
That cute little smile just melted my heart. 

Why do I share this today?

We'll I want you to know that I have days of epic fails. Being a homeschooler is not about perfection. It's about trying your hardest and when you get knocked down, it's about how you get back up. Today was a perfect opportunity to try out our word for this school year....


Don't stop just cause it's hard. Keeping working at it.

I make a lot of mistakes and that's ok. I don't have to be exceptional at all academics to teach my kids. I only need a desire to give them the best I can. Sometimes that means admitting I was wrong, recuperating, and starting over. I'm learning and relearning right a long with them.

XO Danielle
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