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Friday, September 9, 2016

Multi-tasking is my jam...

Doing anything with a new little one can be quite a challenge. I'm learning that all too well lately. Miss Tallia loves to be all the time. Most days I just want to sit and hold her and snuggle....most of the time I honestly do just that, but other times I have to adult and get things done around the house. There's meals to be prepared, chores to be done, lessons to be taught, and three other people in the house who want my attention as well. It's all about balance.

Lately I have had to learn to become a super accomplished multi-tasker. When Miss Tallia is down for a nap is when I can get things done around the house. The kids and I tackle the chores together. We put on some music and get things done. This is also when I get any meal prep done that I can.
Sometimes her naps run today. Her typical 1 1/2 hour nap turned into a 30 minute nap. That meant baby girl and I finished my turbo jam cool down together. Ahh it felt good to get some cardio in :)

When Miss Tallia is awake, I take advantage of putting her in the Moby wrap or laying her next to me on a blanket as I lesson plan for school or fold laundry. This is a perfect time for her to get in some tummy time. She also has two siblings who can't get enough time holding her. They beg to hold her and snuggle. They love talking to her and reading to her. Now that she's starting to coo and smile a bit, they want time with their little sister even more.

Last night Keagan held her for 40 minutes, while I cleaned up dinner stuff and got stuff ready our following school day. It makes my heart happy seeing his relationship with his little sister. What a sweet bond they already have.

When she's nursing, I do our read aloud with the kids or we talk. Sometimes we watch Once Upon a Time or Doctor Who. Have you guy seen either of those? We're obsessed with them right now. 

At night, when the kids are in bed, I read in my Kindle app or blog on my phone. It helps me stay awake during those 3 am feedings. :)

Life is definitely busy right now. There's laundry to be done, dinner to be made, errands to run, and time with family to be enjoyed. I have found that organization and multi-tasking is key. It keeps my mama sanity in check.

XO Danielle

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