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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Monthly Menu Plan...

Hi friends! I know that we are literally days away from pumpkin month, but I still have a few things from September I need to get up here on my blog. I have two more shopping hauls to go live, from when I did a fill in for produce, so be sure to look out for those this week. I can't post my stuff for October till I get those out to you. :)

 I also wanted to share our menu plan from this past month. I planned for 30 days. At the end of the month I had six meals we did not eat.I put a star next to those meals. On those days we ended up having leftovers. I like over planning a smidge. It gives me a little bit of grace and keeps my options open. Months when I don't over plan, I am usually left short in the meal department. The meals that did not get eaten will roll over to the next month or sometimes I use those meals for a lunch or breakfast...depending on what the meal idea was.

1. Cheddar Brats with baked beans 
2. spaghetti and garlic breadsticks
3. cheesy pasta bake
4. beef stroganoff 
5. bbq chicken sandwiches with potato salad and fruit

6. blueberry pancakes
7. egg and sausage burritos
8. turkey taco night
9. enchiladas and corn
10. bean and cheese burritos
11. nacho night
12. Alfredo pasta
13. black bean burgers *
14. bbq meatballs and mashed potatoes *
15. 13 bean chili with cornbread
16. black beans with rice and cornbread
17. breaded chicken sandwiches with coleslaw
18. tuna cakes with rice and veggies*
19. baked potato bar
20. hawaiian haystacks*
21. meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans
22. tikka masala
23. crockpot deli ham sandwiches 

24. chicken pot pie*
25. french toast*
26.  sweet potatoes and salad
27. egg and sausage biscuit sandwiches
28. hot dogs
29. fritata and hashbrowns
30. chicken taco night

XO Danielle
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