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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Few Evening Thoughts...

"As your arms encircle your little ones, his arms are there, too. 
Feel secure, for his arms are lengthened out toward us all the day long."
-Mary E. Folger

Today was rough friends. It was a busy day, packed with lessons, feedings, laundry, church meetings, and a lot of spit up and crying. Naps were not baby's thing today, which meant very little happened around the house. Oh and did I mention there was a lot of spit up happening today? Haha! There totally was. It seems to be my most worn accessory lately ::wink wink::

By the end of the day I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and a bit down on myself. We do that a lot as Moms don't we? We have a rough day (which is totally normal I might add) and we start to feel like we are less what we are doing is not enough...that we are not enough. I was very guilty of that this evening. Then I started looking through the pictures on my camera. One picture in particular stood out. Keagan took it. It is of me holding Tallia. I was about to put her in the car. She had just spit up on me. I wiped her face and then gave her a big kiss on one of her squishy cheeks. It was at that exact moment Keagan snapped this picture. 

This picture brought tears to my eyes. There's so much beauty in the everyday. I have a messy Mom bun going on, I have some serious roots going on, I am rocking black leggings for the second day in a row, my shirt has some serious spit up on it, and I have not one stitch of make up on. Although I might not be all dolled up and put together, I still see beauty. I see beauty in the fact that I got to love on three kids today. Beauty in the fact that I took them for a walk today and we were able to witness God's beautiful creations....the ducks and turtles in the pond....the butterflies and bumblebees. It was amazing.

I find comfort in knowing that throughout this day, when life got messy and hard, Christ was right with me...helping me. For some reason I had not thought of it that way. I know he helps carry our burdens and that He builds us up, but I hadn't thought of Him walking this journey of motherhood with me. How amazing is that? It kind of blows my mind.

The season I am in is busy and it is messy....ok really messy some days (remember I mentioned all the spit up today ::smile::). There are days I feel overwhelmed. Days I feel like I am falling short and that I need to do more. We all have those days. Tonight though I was reminded to look for beauty in the choas...look for beauty in those moments when we feel we are being pushed and pulled..look for His arms, that will encircle you and give you strength. Heavenly Father knows just how hard our job is as Mothers. We literally have a hand in helping further His help build up His kingdom... knowing that He is helping me each day is exactly the comfort I need.

XO Danielle


  1. Well done Danielle. Parenting and motherhood can seem thankless at times. Thanks for your honesty. Your doing a valuable job, don't lose heart!

  2. Beautiful,I wish I'd had your blog when I was a young mom! Your beautiful!

  3. Beautiful,I wish I'd had your blog when I was a young mom! Your beautiful!


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