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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Walk in the park...

Earlier in the day I had told the older kids that we would go for a walk. We got a stroller for Tallia yesterday and we were all itching to get outside to use it. After a full morning of lots of tears and a bit of mama stress, I was no longer feeling like going out for a walk. I was tired, my hair was a mess, my shirt had spit up on it, and I really wanted a cupcake (have I mentioned I can't have sweets. It makes baby girl gassy. Poor thing). I was ready to just call it a day and take a nap. Ever have one of those days?

I nursed Tallia and tried to put her down for a nap. This was attempt three I might add. She was not having it, so I took a deep breath and decided to shift gears. I had the kids put on their sneakers and said we were going exploring. We drove to a new park we'd never been to and tried out our new stroller. 

Miss Tallia feel asleep right away. That girl makes me laugh :)

We walked around the small lake at the park. We watched the ducks go in and out of the water and we saw some turtles sunning themselves. We saw people fishing and teenagers running around throwing a ball. It was a good afternoon. A day that was starting to go down as a stressed out - no good - mamma day, turned into a pretty good one.

I love how when we choose to shift gears and change our focus, things can get a whole lot better.

I stopped focusing on the lack of sleep, spit up all over the place, baby really needs a  nap funk I was in and started focusing on the fun I could go create with my kids.

I'm thankful for an afternoon of exploring....

and the hour that Miss Tallia got in of sleep as we walked around.

Everyone was much happier afterwards :)

XO Danielle 
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