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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Boo Bash 2016...

Earlier this week Libby was checking out the parks and rec page for Tucson. She was looking to see if they had any art classes going on. She's pretty obsessed with all things art these days. While looking for classes, she saw the city of Tucson was putting on a Boo Bash, a free event for the community. There would be a costume parade, games, trick or treating, and bounce houses. Miss Libby was pretty excited.

While Keagan was at an activity for youth group and Daddy was at work, the girls and I went to enjoy some early Halloween festivities. It was so much fun.

Libby dressed up as a cat. We got her tail, ears,and bow tie from Wal-Mart for $6. We got Tallia's Sully costume from savers for less than $2. I bought it earlier in the year, when I was still pregnant. We had fun taking pictures, getting candy, and playing the many games set up. Oh and we saw a life size TARDIS! It was there to promote Tucson Comic Con. We made sure to take a picture for Keagan. We love The Doctor in this house :)

I also resisted the urge to buy kettlecorn. It smelled so dang delicious, but it was $4 and I was determined to keep our night free. We have some fun things planned for Halloween night, so I didn't want to take away from stuff we already have planned. We plan on taking the kids out to try a new restaurant here in town. I'm excited :)

Overall it was a fun night. I'm glad we were finally able to get out and have some fun.

XO Danielle
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