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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bulk meat order....

This past month I was able to get both my bulk meat orders. I ordered from Zaycon Foods. I've mentioned them before here and here. They are my go to meat distributor. They are easy to use, great quality, and they have some of the best prices I've seen on meat. They also send coupon codes via email, so I wait for those and plan my purchases accordingly.

In September I was able to snag 48 lbs of ground turkey for $1.87/lb. That's cheaper than when I would buy it at the Smith's grocery store bulk food sale (it was $1.99/lb then). The ground turkey came in four ten pound boxes. Each box contained 10 one pound packages of meat. These are stored in the bottom of my freezer.

In October I was able to pick up my chicken order. Originally I ordered 40 lbs of chicken for $1.44/lb. A few weeks later I added another box of chicken. That time I ordered another 40 lbs for $1.69/lb.

When I brought the chicken home, I put individual chicken breasts in freezer bags. These chicken breasts are huge! One chicken breasts feeds my family of five for 1-2 meals. We usually shred the chicken to make it go further. 

I also placed about 6 chicken breasts in my large crock-pot and cooked them. Once they were done I shredded the meat and placed it in freezer bags in 2 cup portions. I have about 80 gallon size freezer bags in my freezers, plus a few bags of shredded cooked chicken. We will be stocked for months! I bagged and froze the chicken broth as well.

It feels good to have my freezers completely stocked with the meat my family uses every day. All together I spent $203.95 . That gave us 80 lbs of chicken and 48 lbs of ground turkey. That's 128 lbs of meat for my family. The last time I ordered from Zaycon Foods was back in January and that 40 lbs lasted us about 6 months. This huge order should last us twice that. I shouldn't have to purchase chicken or ground turkey until sometime next year. Woot! Woot! I'll update you when I have to order again.

Have you guys tried Zaycon foods? What's your favorite thing to order?

XO Danielle

Thank you for those that have been able to order some goodies for your own family, using my referral link. It greatly blesses my family. If any of you have a referral link, send it my way. I can use it when I order next year. ::smile::
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