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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Celebrating Twelve Years Old....

Morning friends! Thank you everyone for your sweet birthday wishes yesterday. It surely made Keagan smile. Yesterday we celebrated his birth with our traditional"present hunt" in the morning. We started this tradition when Keagan was just two years old. We hide the gifts the night before and in the morning the birthday boy/girl gets to hunt for them. When they're real little they get clues, but at twelve years old bubba had to do it solo. We hid his gifts in my closet under some clothes, under the couch, stacked with the cookbooks, and resting on the doorbell speaker on the wall. It took him all of 7 minutes to find them. We all had a good laugh, while he searched.

Keagan asked for a few books (which I purchased from ebay), the new TMNT movie, and Pokemon Omega Ruby for his 3ds. It was so fun seeing him unwrap his gifts.

We put up our family birthday sign. I made it a while back and I just keep reusing it. I wanted to fill his bedroom floor with filled balloons, but hubby shot me down. He reminded me they might trip in the morning. Oops. I hadn't thought of that ::Smile::

We ate cinnamon rolls with sausage links for breakfast, BLT sandwiches for lunch, and chicken fried tacos for dinner. Yum! The birthday boy planned the menu. His birthday cake was a butterfingers cake. Similar to this one I made last year.

Keagan spent a lot of time playing his new video game and reading his books. We had a nice slow day at home. Later in the evening, once baby was in bed, we stayed up and watched Avatar. It had been a while since we had seen it, so we requested it on Netflix. I had forgotten how awesome that movie was.

By 10:00 pm kids were in bed and I was one tired mama. We had a great day celebrating our boy. We sure are thankful for that red head :)

XO Danielle

Today was a much better day. Less crying, less spit up, more naps :)
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