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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My three blessings...

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. It's the day we get to go to church as a family and renew our covenants with our Father in Heaven. It's the day we rise and shine and get moving early. Showers are taken, hair is combed, and teeth are brushed.

Every Sunday, before we leave for church, I sit and feed Tallia. Usually Libby and Keagan join me on my bed to talk to me. Lately the topic of conversation has been Pokemon....all things Pokemon. I'm learning a bit about Squirttles, Evees, and all the other legendary characters. Jason just got a Pokemon mod working in Minecraft this weekend, so I got to hear all about how amazing it is. Honestly, a lot of it goes over my head, but I try to be engaged. This is what my kids are loving right now and I want to know about what they love. 

Although Sundays can be hectic, trying to get everyone ready to go at a descent time, I'm thankful for those little moments. Those moments in Mom's room, with all my babies. We laugh, we talk, and Mom usually snaps a picture or two. I'm thankful for my three blessings. What a sweet gift they are.

XO Danielle


  1. Jason sounds like a genius. I just the other day was walking around the local University campus, collecting PokeBalls, Big Balls, Razz Berries and ran into a class entitled "Kids that Code" where they're working with Minecraft. Pokémon I get, Minecraft boggles, so that Jason got a Pokémon mod in Minecraft sounds genius level to me.

  2. Love seeing pictures of your little kidos, so cute! That baby's cheeks are just too cute!! Enjoy this wonderful, General Conference weekend!


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