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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Put your hands up...

I'm shouting it from the roof tops tonight friends...

If it's 9 pm and your baby is in bed say "wahoo!!"

For real. I'm putting my hands up and doing a little dance. I love my little chickadee. Every single thing about her, but getting us closer to that eight o'clock bedtime needs to be celebrated.

That means I have a wee bit of time to spend with hubby before bedtime. Poor thing gets up super early, which means he goes to bed super early. I'm excited for some cuddle time on the couch with that man. He's my favorite ::wink wink::

I think a savory snack and some hulu is definitely on our agenda tonight. We've been watching Lethal Weapon (the TV show). It's real good.

What are you guys watching lately?

XO Danielle

I wrote this last night

I finally got a picture of Miss Tallia looking forward and smiling today. Woot! Woot! Look at them cheeks! Gaw! They're adorable! 
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