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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween festivities...

I can't believe it's already November. October truly flew by. I still have my grocery hauls to edit and post from last month. Hopefully I'll get to them soon. I know a few of you have asked about them. I'll get updated on my videos one of these days. I promise.

I do however have pictures to share from our Halloween weekend. On Saturday we went to our Ward's trunk or treat. The kids dressed up as Darth Vader, a black cat, and Sulley from Monsters Inc. Keagan spent most of his time with the other boys his age walking around and getting candy. Libby walked around once with her friends and then once with Tallia and I. Once we came home there was some serious candy munching going on. That's like the best part right? Checking out your haul and picking your favorites to eat before Dad gets a hold of your candy. My brother and I did this ever year growing up. It's nice to see my kids keeping the tradition alive.

On actual Halloween we had plans to go out to an Asian buffet. We don't do door to door trick or treating, so we try to plan a fun activity for the kids instead. About five minutes into our drive to the restaurant baby girl started crying. She was very unhappy to be in her car seat. It's her least favorite thing. Hubby and I decided maybe a restaurant was not a good idea. We all decided on Panda Express and some Netflix at home. Have you tried the walnut shrimp at Panda? Oh it is the best!! We also tried out cream cheese ragoons for the first time. Keagan and I are huge fans now.
We ate yummy food, watched The Chase on Netflix, and enjoyed a quiet night at home. Overall our Halloween weekend was a good one, full of time together as a family.

How'd your weekend go?

And just for giggles, here's a picture of me. Halloween in the early nineties was awesome. My Dad had some mad makeup skills ::wink wink::

I the blonde on the left :)

XO Danielle
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