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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Large Monthly Grocery Trip for Family of 5 Part 1....

I started this post last night....and then had to finish this morning. 
Baby girl woke up during the editing process needing more snuggles with mama :)

Hi there! It's 9:12 pm and Miss Tallia is in bed. In fact she's been in bed for about 40 minutes, but I've been puttering around the apartment not really sure what to do with myself. I'm not use to all my kiddos being in bed this early. I'm not sure if this is just a one time thing or if baby girl is getting a bit closer to that 8 o'clock bedtime we are working towards. (my fingers are crossed) :)

Today I am sharing my grocery haul from October. This is part 1. I know I know...its November, but remember how I said I am bit behind in getting my hauls uploaded and edited? Well I wasn't kidding. I'm trying to be better at getting them out to you, but life with a baby makes that a challenge. We're figuring it out though :) 

In October we celebrated Keagan turning twelve and Halloween. We did an Asian night for Keagan's birthday and I made a Butterfinger cake, so we purchased a few things for that. We also stocked up on a few goodies as well to put in our pantry and freezer. 

We ended up spending$157.97 and we saved $34.76. I love seeing my savings at the bottom of my receipt. Below is the full cost breakdown, plus my grocery haul video. 

{Frys Grocery Haul for October}

Peanutbutter $4.69 x2
Hashbrowns $1.99 x2
Hashbrown patties $1.99 x2
Pudding packs $2.99 x2
Donut for kids 59 cents x2
French bread 99 cents x2
Butterfingers 2/$3.00
Tater tots $1.99 x2
Frozen burritos 40 cents each x10
Parmesan cheese $2.69
Sunflower seeds $1.99
Country gravy packet 69 cents each x4
Sloppy joe season packet 69 cents each x2
Sourdough bread $1.99
Tikka masala sauce $1.49
Hot sauce $2.99
Canned peaches $1 x6
Frozen broccoli and cauliflower $1 x4
Cereal $1.99 x4
Cereal $1.88 x2
Rotini pasta $1 x2
Sriracha hummus $1.49
Nacho cheese $1.99 x2
OJ concentrate $1 x6
Enchilada sauce 99 cents
Baking coco $3.34
Sweet and sour $1.19
Relish $1.99
Canned mandarin oranges 79 cents x4
Pasta sauce $4.37 x2
Cream corn 59 cents
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $2.19 x2
Country ground sausage $1.79 x2
Baked beans $2.19
Margarine sticks 99 cents x2
Ricotta cheese $2.69
Deli ham $4.99
Deli turkey $4.99
String cheese $3.79 x2
Pork loin $6.91
Biscuits $1 x2
Curry powder $3.39
Cool whip $1.29 x2

Total $157.97

XO Danielle
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