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Friday, November 4, 2016

Memory Keeping Goals...

Morning friends! Baby girl is taking a longer nap than usual (like we're going on two hours friends) and we finished all our school work we had planned today, so I am stealing a few moments to hop on here and share a little bit about some memory keeping goals I have made for myself. I also wanted to show a few of my digital scrapbooking pages I've worked on this week. I'm pretty smitten with them :)

During my late night nursing sessions, I have been reading Large Families on Purpose. I love Erika's tips on organization and managing a household. They are so encouraging, no matter the size of your family. One post she shared was on scrapbooking. You all know I made a goal early in the year to get caught up or as close to caught up as I could. I tried really hard and did a lot of creating before Tallia was born. I didn't get caught up, but I definitely got us organized and further along than we were before. One tip that Erika shared was to scrapbook all your pages at the end of each month. She sets a day or two where she works on her pages. She has a large family, where time is in short supply. I think we all feel that way no matter how many kiddos we have. By keeping her pages simple and making time, she was able to keep her books up to date, which her kiddos love. Kids love looking at pictures. Mine surely love it. I liked this idea of focusing on the now and if I have extra time then work on pages from the past. With this goal in mind I was able to get four pages done for October. Did I get them all done? No, but I made a good dent. That's more than in September when I created zero pages. It's all about progress.

She also talked about making simple books with Shutterfly or Picaboo. Have you guys used them before? I've done Shutterfly as gifts in the past. A friend recently told me about chatbooks, which I'm also thinking of giving a try. When my computer crashed I lost a lot of pictures. Thankfully I had them backed up in my instagram feed and on the blog. I'm thinking of creating a few chatbooks to get all those pictures in print format, so we have them for memory keeping. Let me know if you've tried them and what you thought of the quality. My friend Lauren swears by them :)

So there are my little goals I am working on, in regards to memory keeping. I'm going to keep trying to make time to create and journal those memories. It makes my heart so happy to create these pages. I've been able to keep up through the blog and then transfer some of the journaling to the page (like what I did with Tallia's three week page. I took the writing from here). How are you guys doing with your journaling and memory keeping?

XO Danielle

All my page kits used here are from Sweet Shop Designs. These are from the sample packs for 2016. They're free to download :)
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