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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Big Plans for the blog and channel...

Afternoon lovelies! I am so excited to share a bit more about the little project I have been working on the past few weeks. I shared a little glimpse yesterday on instagram and last night I made a quick video giving a little run down of what my plans are for the blog and channel in 2017. Check out the video for all the details and I will be posting more tomorrow and into this upcoming week. 2017 is going to be Amazing friends! I hope you join me for the ride. 

XO Danielle

Have a safe New Year's friends! Chat with ya tomorrow :) 


  1. Danielle, your smile and enthusiasm always brighten my day. I will be happy to take the journey with you. We can always get better. Thank you again for all you do. I am going to share your blog with a bunch of my dear friends. Thank you again. I hope you have a wonderful New year with your family.

  2. Thank you for this challenge, its what I need to get my budget started. ; )

  3. Look back at your pregnancy posts and what you ate. Your baby daughter was born addicted to sugar because that's what you filled up on. Sugar and junk food. Just like you continue to feed your older children now. You put your baby thru unnecessary stomach and metabolic pain because you are addicted to sugar. You can boast a thrifty food plan until the cows come home, but if 90% of your diet is processed, sugary food then your health and the health of your family will suffer. Cake mixes, candy yogurt, cookies, chips and ice cream are the staples of your diet. Processed meat sandwiches are your main supper meal. How is this progress or a success? You publically state that you are a clean living Mormon and yet you fail to realize that have a food addiction. An addiction is an addiction. Your obsession with food continues to harm all of your children, including the older two. I would think that the realization that your baby has been thru hell with her sugar withdrawal would cause you to rethink your nutritional plans for the future. Stop filling your house with junk food! Find out why you have this drastic need to obsess and hoard this kind of food for the sake of your children.


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