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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Advent...

During this Christmas season we have been reminded to remember our Savior Jesus Christ. This year we are trying to take a little bit of time each day to read together and to find some way to remember Christ.

On December 2, we talked about how Jesus honored his parents and so can we. We shared stories from when we were all little. Reminiscing when the kids were little is Keagan and Libby's favorite.

On December 3, we talked about how Jesus helped others to see and so can you. We read scriptures and watched this video about Jason Smyth. He's a four time Paralympic medalist. This video was so inspiring.

On December 4, we talked about how Jesus worshiped His Father and so can we. We knelt in prayer together as a family. We prayed for our friends and family....we prayed with gratitude for all that we have...a warm home, food to eat, time together, a new baby, and the gift of the Gospel. We then encouraged each other to focus our prayers in December on gratitude. It's amazing how much longer our prayers become when we focus on the gifts God has given us rather than our wants.

On December 5, we talked about how Jesus healed the sick. We watched Dallin H. Oaks talk on "Healing the Sick".

On December 6, we talked about the importance of the scriptures. We read from Luke. We are making an extra effort to read our scriptures individually this month.

On December 7, we talked about how Jesus fed the hungry and so can we. We then filled a box with food to donate to our local food bank.

On December 8, we talked about the power of prayer and how we can pray for those around us. We then went to the store to pick out toys to donate to the Gospel Rescue Mission. We also talked about how sometimes God gives us a surplus, either in time, money, or resources. It is then up to us to use those resources to help bless others. We were reminded that when we serve others, we are serving God.

* Oh and I got my haircut. More on that later :) 

I'm so thankful for this time to focus on Christ and celebrate His birth. What a sweet blessing it us!

You can get involved too! Check out #LIGHTtheWORLD to find ways to bring Christ into your home this season :) 

XO Danielle

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