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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Costco Grocery Haul...

Evening friends! So I am still playing catch up on my videos for youtube. I am really hoping to get caught up over our winter break. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This video is from October. Below I have the full cost breakdown and of course the full video for you to see how I am using the different items we purchased :)

Mushrooms $4.29
Spinach $4.29
Turkey links $9.59
Corn tortillas $3.19
Grape tomatoes $4.99
Turkey franks $6.49
Milk 2% $4.29 x2
Ritz crackers $8.59
5 dozen eggs $3.89 x2
Sweet potatoes $11.49
Flour tortillas $3.89
Taco seasoning $4.29
Go-gurt $7.89
Mayo $4.79
Sharp cheddar 2 lb block $4.79
Mediterranean oil $10.49
Cream cheese $8.39
Tortilla chips $3.49
Carnation instant breakfast $12.59
Granola bars $8.59
French's fried onions $5.99
Shredded cheese $8.59
Sour cream $4.39
Protein bars $19.99
Animal crackers $9.69
Total- $191.42

XO Danielle

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