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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lazy Sunday Vlog...

I wrote this post earlier in the week,
 but am just now getting around to publishing it.
Also can you believe Tallia's lashes! Gaw shes cute :)

Afternoon friends! I had a cute post ready to go this morning, which I wrote while the kids were at Homeschool PE, but something happened with my blogger app and the post is lost. ::insert sad face:: I'm not sure what happened, but it is like the app is in permanent saving mode and I can't access the post anymore. I'm so bummed. I'll have to try to rewrite it, but man I hate when stuff like that happens. Doesn't blogger know how precious a mama's time is?

I have a new vlog uploaded on the channel for you guys. This is from a few Sundays ago. It was a super slow day, where we pretty much hung around the house after church, napping and playing...exactly how I like my Sundays to be.

How do you spend your Sundays?

XO Danielle

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  1. Love the "day-in-the-live" blog format. Thanks for sharing!


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