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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nighttime snuggles...

Our bedtime routine starts at 6:30. We read scriptures as a family and say our family prayer. Afterwards miss Tallia has a bath. She's actually starting to enjoy the bath more. I can't wait till she figures out splashing. That's when the bath really takes on a whole new level of fun. We got her some bath toys for Christmas. I can't wait for her to play with them.

After miss Tallia is clean, I get her dressed while the other kids brush their teeth and wash their face. Once they're dressed and ready for bed, they have a good 45 minutes until lights out for them. They could read a book or quietly play, but their favorite thing to do is come into my room and read to Miss Tallia and give her hugs.

She's only good for about two stories, so they each read a book. Yesterday Libby even came home from the library with some Pinkalicious books she just knew her baby sister would love. So sweet!

After stories and loves from everyone, I feed Miss Tallia and lay down with her. On a good night all kids are in bed by 8 pm....but usually it's closer to 8:30pm.

These days we are busy. Our days are filled and by bedtime I am plum tuckered out, but oh man does it feel good to be tired and know it is because you poured all you had into your kiddos. That's a good kind of tired......the kind of tired I want to relish in :)

XO Danielle 

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