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Friday, December 16, 2016


Today I want to remember the sound of my kids playing a new game without fighting....just laughs. It was pure joy to hear, especially after our rough day yesterday.

I want to remember loving on the baby as we walked through Costco. She slept the whole time in the Moby wrap. Snuggles with her are my favorite. I can't get enough of that baby scent. Oh and baby breathe. I'm obsessed.

I want to remember how Libby went and got the mail and when she came back her hands were too full to open the door, so she rang the bell. I was going to get up and let her in, but out came Keagan saying "don't you dare get up mama! You feed that baby. I can get the door". Oh and he still calls me Mama. I love that. :)

And last I want to remember how after I got Tallia to bed, in her 8:30 I might add, Keagan and Libby came running our of their room to say goodnight. They were suppose to be in bed, but they had been waiting up. They needed one last bear hug from mom. Their cheeks also needed to be kissed. Gosh I love those kids!

Today I found so many sweet many moments where I knew God was watching over myself and my family. I'm thankful for those moments. What sweet treasures they are.

Being a mom is rough and messy...and sometimes it brings you to the brink of your emotional limit (yesterday totally did), but then you have days like today....when you feel like you just may have your stuff together...that you may be figuring out this whole mom thing....and it feels good....real good :)

XO Danielle


  1. Your daughter is so adorable. Dawn Hunt

  2. Aww you have the sweetest kids! That picture above makes my back hurt though just looking at it. Check out 'M position' for baby wearing and 'kissing head height'.


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