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Friday, December 30, 2016

Uncle Rei comes for a visit...

Back in November, my brotherinlaw Rei came for a surprise visit. He was in town for work and was able to meet up with us for ice cream one night. It was such a special treat to get to visit with family. We have been missing them since our big move. Uncle Rei hadn't met Tallia yet either, so there was some added excitement there.

We met at an Ice Cream place and spent a lot of time catching up and enjoying time together. The kids and Jason had some of THE BEST custard around. I plan to make a visit there, once Miss Tallia is not so sensitive to me eating sweets. There are quite a few flavors I want to try. Yum! Oh and we video chatted with my sisinlaw!

We also happened to have gone on super hero night. Kids were dressed up and there was a man going around doing magic tricks and making balloon animals.

We had such a blast that night. It is not very often we get out in the evning. Miss Tallia is not a fan, but when we do we try to soak it all in.

Thanks for meeting up with us Rei and for sharing your sweet laugh with us. We always have fun with you!

I vlogged on this day. You can see the video from our fun night on Blissful and Domestic Daily :)

XO Danielle

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