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Friday, January 13, 2017

FOC Week #2- Setting goals for 2017...

Hello ladies and gents!! I feel like it's been forever. This week has just been insane and has completely thrown off my groove. We started some new Homeschooling curriculum, started a new Homeschooling co-op, and we had some church activities to plan and attend this week. My plate was feeling really full. By Wednesday evening I was running on empty. I ended up leaving the apartment in it's hot mess state (here's a visual) and I tucked myself into bed early. I ended up getting four straight hours of sleep before Miss Tallia needed to eat again. Oh my gosh it was amazing!!! I feel like a new woman.

I also had a few technical difficulties this week. The video I am sharing today is attempt #6. Six friends! Can you believe it? I was getting so frustrated with my camera. My phone was being wonky (I film on my phone) and wasn't recording the way it should. I filmed a whole 10 minute video, only to realize it wasn't filming at all ::insert pitiful sad face::  I think I've fixed the issues though and I can finally get back to my filming again. Thank goodness right!

Today I wanted to share the weekly challenge for week two of January. You can print your January goal sheet here. This week we're going to be setting some goals for 2017. We need to have a focus for what we're doing with our finances, whether it's building your savings, getting out of credit card debt, or making a big purchase like a house or car. Whatever your plans are, write them down. Put your goals in a place where you will see them. It'll keep you focused as you continue on your financial journey this year. It'll also be a fun way to check things off as you accomplish your goals.

For my family we have a few things we're working on:

1. Build back up our emergency fund
2. Build cushion for checking account
3. Set money aside for family vacation
4. Begin investing
5. Purchase a house
6. Pay off car loan

Those are our financial goals for this year. It feels good to have a focus for things we want to accomplish this year. We have some big goals, but I know we can make some huge strides this year in accomplishing them. Setting these goals re-motivates me to make do and save more.

What are some of your goals this year?

XO Danielle

 photo Family organization binder cover page 2017 350 button_zpsdwmhibqw.jpg

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