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Saturday, January 7, 2017

I want to remember today...

Today I pulled myself....Err more like dragged myself out of bed. I've been putting in some late hours on the computer at night and morning seems to come all too soon for me these days.

After I fed Tallia, I laid her down to kick and play, while I squeezed in a workout. Hubby got me Beachbody on demand for Christmas and I'm itching to start making good habits with it. I was almost done with my 25 minute workout when Miss Tallia started fussing. Without even being asked, Keagan stopped building with Legos and came to his baby sister's aid. After my workout, he then preceded to demand I take a shower and that he would take care of Tallia. It was so sweet.

He snuggled with her and played with her, while I got myself together. It was seriously so sweet.

He loves his baby sister so much and it just warms my mama heart. Often he'll just come and take her because he says she needs a hug from her big brother. If I could use emojis in blogger, I'd totally share the heart eyed one. That boy of mine is so dang sweet sometimes.

I'm so thankful God gave me him. I'm thankful that he's the big brother. He watches out for his little sisters and loves them fiercely. He's a keeper that one ::smile::

Oh and Tallia has found her toes. She can't get enough of them :)

XO Danielle


  1. What a great caretaker he is!

  2. What a sweet family. I wish I could wear Tallia's cute clothes. .


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