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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A little bit of His grace...

Oh man did I need His grace today. Today was a long day. Like the baby waking up at 5:30 in the morning, ready to play kind of day. I did attempt to get her back to bed...and by 7 am I accomplished that, but it was only for 20 minutes and then she was wide eyes and bushy tailed.

Today was full of everything bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, getting all our lessons done by 1 pm, only to realize our afternoon at the pool was cancelled. I guess the public pool here changed it's schedule (I failed to get the memo), once the public school kids started back again. Now we must wait till Saturday to swim. It feels like an eternity to Keagan.

I feel ya bubba. I really do. I was looking forward to some swim time as well. We ended up watching Heavy Weights on Netflix. That's a classic from my childhood. I love that they find as much laughter and joy in it as I did at their age.

Then it was pancakes for dinner (chocolate chip because mamma needed it) and my little side kick pulling stuff off the fridge, as she started to feel that 5:30 am wake up time....meaning a whole lot of whining took place...a lot :)

Then it was bath and bedtime, while the  older two helped clean up dinner. As I nursed and then rocked Tallia, exhaustion from the day overwhelmed me. I was on the verge of tears and then I heard a whisper. A wisp of a thought that said to me gently..."You asked for this remember? You prayed for moments like this" and then I looked down at my baby's sweet face and I said "You're right Lord. I absolutely did". I prayed for days like these....Days when mamma duties exhausted me because it meant I was a Mom. It meant I had babies who depended on me. I love how God gently reminds us of those answered prayers...he reminds us to find the beauty in those tiring moments. 

and on a side note: What is it about a sleeping babe that just melts a mamma's heart? I turn to mush friends.....absolute mush.

As I sent up a prayer of thanks to my Heavenly Father, I kissed her chubby cheek and laid her down for the night.

Then, once she was nestled in her crib, I saw a video I uploaded to Instagram today. A video of my three sweet babies and I lost it. Like big ugly tears kind of lost it. Today was long, but there was so much good much!

Thank you Jesus for reminding me daily all the gifts you've given me. I need your grace, your love, and always your forgiveness. 

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  1. Beautiful post and a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing this. I needed it too!

  2. Hi there. I found your blog while google image searching my own blog. My name is Danielle, too. By any chance, is your husband named Mitch? Mitch is a cousin I just found out existed and his three kids look exactly like yours. Plus, the baby is the same age. Might be a stretch, but I thought I'd ask.


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