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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Early Mornings...

Every morning I get to wake up to these sweet things. I typically roll over and wake up to the sound of Tallia chatting to her stuffed elephant or to her peeking over the side of her crib calling me.

Keagan and Libby usually hear her, so they gently knock and when I give them the all clear, they come in. We end up playing and chatting on the bed, as Tallia gets a diaper change and then gets hugs from Mom and her siblings. It's a favorite time of mine. I love getting to spend each day with these kids. They're a lot of work, but oh so fun!

I also love when the older two entertain the baby for a few moments, so Mom can get herself ready for the day. :) It's also a win when Mom gets herself ready before noon ::wink::

XO Danielle

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  1. You look great Danielle. I sure miss your videos. Do you think you will get bak to your channel? Dawn


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