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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Made myself do it...

Some days the last thing I want to do is exercise. There's always a huge to do list going on in my head and always someone who needs something from me. One thing I've learned though is that a lot of times those things we procrastinate doing, are the things we usually need to do the most. For me it's exercise and scripture reading. I constantly put it at the bottom of my "to do's", but not today.

Today I pushed myself to reorganize that to do list. I put scripture reading as #1 because honestly time with my Heavenly Father should always be a priority and I'm sorry most days I let the "busy" come first. Then exercise is #2. The baby napped and the big kids worked on their reading projects. I got a huge sweat on and I'm so thankful I made myself do it.

What things do you procrastinate doing?

XO Danielle


  1. You inspire me! Thanks for this post. I need to put those things first too! Have a good weekend. I am glad you are posting again more often!

  2. Since your a big fan of Turbo Jam..have you tried Turbo Fire?? It's my soulmate workout!! I highly recommend it! Keep up the good work!! You are in inspiration to many!

  3. Those two are the top of my list too! I was just talking to my co-worker today about making myself make time for exercise. Honestly, in my opinion, these are the two most important things, exercising the Body and Food for the soul, but the "fun" stuff always has a way of moving up the list first. Thanks for the inspiration!


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