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Friday, August 11, 2017

Not ready to walk away...

So crazy how the Lord works sometimes. I had been thinking and praying about what to do with my little blog. I go through spurts of having time to write and not having time. It's in these moments, where things are just crazy, that I start to feel the pressure. I start convincing myself blogging is an all or nothing thing, which is so silly. This blog always has been and always will be a place for me to journal my family's journey through this life and our journey with the Lord. It's not about budgeting, fashion, groceries, homeschool, etc. I write about those things, but they're aren't the focus.

This blog is a way to share my testimony and my faith. It's my little ministry and I'm thankful for I may be sporadic in posting, but I'll always come back to it because I'm not ready to walk away. I've been blogging, since Libby was born. She's 10 now and I love being able to look back on our days, weeks, months, and years.

This blog has become a dear friend for memory keeping and one I'm so thankful for.

And thank you for your kind, encouraging comments and messages. You guys are such a blessing :)

Sidenote: Our family picture above is from when we did a walk through of the new LDS Tucson Temple. It was absolutely stunning!!

XO Danielle


  1. Please don't walk away!! I may not always comment, and I am a grandma, not in my youth with children, but I still love to read your blog! You are an inspiration to so many, your beautiful testimony really does lift me up and give me hope!

  2. I am with Barb, Please don't walk away for all of us who need your realistic view on life, faith, and family. I started reading your blog because of your frugal way of living and I wanted to some how replicate it. I have found, while I am not a good budgeter or meal planner, I look forward to your blogs. It gives me ideas and helps me not feel so bad about not working out or i did frozen pizza because I was just too tired after a 60 hour work week. You don't have to blog every day or even ever week. When you do blog, don't worry, Ill be there to read it!


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