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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Resisting sleep...

I've never had a child who resist sleep as much as Miss Tallia. I swear it's like she's trying to see how far she can push me mentally, before I give up trying to get her down for a nap. Sometimes I win and some times she wins. It's been a daily battle....pretty much since she was a few months old.

Anyways I felt like we had gotten a good schedule down, and she was sleeping well at night and taking 1-2 naps a day.  I felt pretty good about that, but once we started back to school, our schedule got a bit wonky and Miss Tallia was not having it.

The other day I was attempting to get her down for an afternoon nap and something quite amazing happened. She was fighting sleep hard. She didn't want to nurse and didn't like me rocking her in a cradle hold. She was angry and I was exhausted. I gave her a kiss and laid her in her crib. I then slipped into the bathroom. I hate letting my babies cry. It seriously hurts my heart to the core. I'm not a fan of crying it out. Fuss it out I'm ok with, but for my family we don't let our babies cry themselves to sleep. No judgement if that works for just doesn't work for me.

Anywho I'm getting off track...

I slipped into the bathroom and started to cry. Here I had a tired baby and I couldn't figure out a way to comfort her, so she could settle down. I knelt to pray...or more I crumbled to the ground and prayed, as tears fell down my cheeks. I shared all my feelings with my Lord. I told Him how inadequate I felt, how I obviously couldn't handle my three if I couldn't even get the youngest down for a nap, how I felt like a huge mom failure, and ya know any other put down I could think of. After I was done, I heard a soft voice tell me that all those thoughts did not come from God, but from the adversary...that God gave me my three because they need me, just like I need them.

This all happened in a matter on moments. I suddenly felt refreshed. I could do this and I was a good momma. I picked up my crying babe and said "Tallia you need to sleep and I'm at a lost in how to help you do that. Help me out friend".

Immediately after that, she laid her head on my chest. I gently bounced her as she cuddled and again I heard that whisper telling me "she just needs you". I rocked and cuddled my little one for a few minutes. I took in her sweetness and savored feeling her snuggle deeper into my neck. Cuddling babies is the best.

I then laid her down and she rolled right over and fell asleep, holding her blanket.

She slept for two hours that afternoon.

I've now continued holding her on my chest before bed and things have gotten so much better. I'm so thankful for a God who hears me and cares about me...even the little things, like getting your baby to nap. What a sweet Father in Heaven He is.

Never forget that the doubts, fears, and insecurities we have are not from God. They are from Satan. He constantly wants to knock us down and if he gets us to think we are less, than he wins. Know your are an amazing, beautiful daughter of God and he knows you can do astounding things. He knows because he created you. You are simply marvelous. :)

XO Danielle


  1. This was perfect. Thank you. I'm just "destressing" after rocking and rocking an overtired baby to sleep. She's been a horrible sleeper for the whole first year!!

  2. Some babies just need more attention and cuddle time then others. Sounds as if Talia is a high need baby. That's not a bad thing. Out of my three my oldest was extremely high need. He is in college now and is exceptionally bright if I do say so myself. Maybe he just required more Mom time to nurture that brain of his. :) You are handling it just right Danielle, just give it over to the Lord and relax. He will take care of it and Talia will sense that you are at peace and relax as well. The more I used to fight my son sleeping and the more I use to think about all the other things I needed to take care the more he would fight sleep. When I just focused my attention on him, he would fall asleep ever so much faster.

  3. You are a wonderful mom with a sweet spirit!!!

  4. My babies have been the same! It's exhausting. And I've realized a lot of times I project my frustration and stress on them, making it even worse! But holding them, realizing they are little for only so long, makes it easier for me to get through the tough days and nights. Good luck to you!


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