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Sunday, August 6, 2017


What is it about men holding babies...specfically my man holding his babies? It completely makes my heart swoon. I love seeing this guy as a father.

Today in church, he worked his dad magic and got Tallia to nap. It was the sweetest thing. It got me reminiscing.

When we were engaged, we decided to write down our aspirations for our future life together. This paper stayed in my scriptures for years. Although it has since been misplaced, I still remember his list. He wrote down three things. First, "continue to grow closer to the Lord together". We are a work in progress, but we include the Lord in all we do. We have had some rough roads to walk, but we've walked them hand in hand. His second entry was "go to college". This guy is working on his second bachelor's, so I'd say he's definitely good on that one...and his final hope for the future was to have as many babies as his wife would let him. That last one still makes me smile.

We love babies and God willing, we'll have more. We're letting Him led in the family planning department. He knows so much more than us and although His plans don't always come in our time, they're always worth the wait.

Now excuse me while I go love on my husband and those three cuties I call mine. It's Sunday, which means jammies, Netflix, and snacks on our the agenda this evening. :)

XO Danielle

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  1. You have such a precious family! I enjoy your posts and updates. The pics are so sweet of Tallia and her dad! The kids are so adorable together. My daughter has the same dress @ Libby, but it looks so cute with her red hair (my daughter's hair is long, brown). We are fellow homeschooler's from Missouri!


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