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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Jason holding Tallia, Libby, Keagan, and me holding Nava

Hello friends! Oh my gosh I can not believe I am actually sitting down at the computer and typing this post. It has been far too long friends...FAR.TOO.LONG. I mean it's literally been just short of two years since I sat down and put my thoughts into this blog. It wasn't that the desire wasn't there, but man life got really busy and I felt God shifting my focus. There was so much on my plate, with moving (we've moved 4 times over the last 2 years...I'll share about all that another day) and babies (for a mama that was told she couldn't have anymore, we ended up have two babies in such a short frame of time), and with all of that something had to least for a little bit of time. That thing ended up being my writing. So without another thought I walked away from Youtube and this blog and focused on my family. The late night feedings and toddler tantrums are still making up a large part of my day, along with tween/teenager antics, homeschool lessons, and all the things that us mamas have to take care of. Although my schedule hasn't necessarily lessened, I feel myself finally feeling on top of things....or at least that is what I'm telling myself because I have missed sharing and encouraging far too much. I was thankful, when over the past few months, God started placing Blissful and Domestic back on my heart. My focus started widening to encompass it and it was very exciting. I felt like God was telling me "it's ok to  get back to have things to have your heart and your faith to share". When I heard that little voice whispering this sweet message to me, I about jumped for joy!

Although I received this confirmation to get back to writing a few months ago, I sat on it for a while. I talked with God and thought about what I wanted to do here in my little piece of the web. One word came back to me over and over again....ENCOURAGE. I feel like Satan is bringing his A game and is trying to attack families. I strongly believe it is up to us to lift up and encourage one another, so every day we can stand tall and say "not today Satan". That is what I want to do here.

So today marks the beginning of my journey back to creating.....back to writing....back to sharing our lives and documenting it here on the blog. I've giving myself a lot of grace, just like all of you should do for yourselves. I'm choosing each day to share a bit of goodness because this world could definitely use a lot more of it.

Oh and here is our most recent family photo. It's from Easter and although my red headed tween looks angsty, I promise she loves life. Why do 12 year olds insist on bringing their serious face to every family picture?

XO Danielle

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